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How to Build Digital Marketing Funnels That Will Triple Your Profit

Sharing stories, creating value, and creating a community is truly what digital marketing is all about. In today’s day and age, it isn’t enough to simply be on one platform. Will you get results with 1-2 marketing channels? Sure. More importantly, having comprehensive digital marketing funnels in place will help tie your efforts together, and drive results.

If you want to triple your profits (or more), it is time to take your marketing strategy and digital marketing funnel to a new level. It is important to set up a strategy for multi-channels, as well as tracking the return on investment.

From Hubspot, “Over 80% of marketers use content marketing, yet about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates“.

When you align your strategy, structure, and systems you will triple your profits (or even more). People love to learn how to do things easier and faster so this is why digital marketing funnels work when done right, along with visibility.

Digital marketing funnels are changing the way we market online. Discover how to set up the hottest marketing trend that will skyrocket your profits.

How to Build Digital Marketing Funnels

We’re sharing how to set up the hottest marketing trend that will skyrocket your profits.

With over 228,000,000 online searches are done every hour today, your business must learn digital marketing. Otherwise, when you hit publish on your blog, don’t be surprised when there is silence. So, why don’t marketers set up digital marketing funnels?

The main reason why is they don’t know how to. It’s funny how many people run for the hills when it comes to talking strategy, execution, and/or money. The key is to keep it simple – strategy, implement, measure, learn, adjust, repeat. If you never get to step two, you are dead, to begin with.

Before we get into the how-to, let’s visit a simple ROI formula for digital marketing.

Content Marketing ROI Simple Formula

  1. Sales results from strategy in a month to three months minus the
  2. Investment (hours, outsourcing, software, tools, press, ads, influencers)
  3. Divided by the investment
  4. Multiply X 100. 

For example, let’s say in 3 months:

  • $500,000 in sales strictly from content creation
  • $8,000 investment in hours, outsourcing, tools, press, ads, influencers
  • Formula:($500,000 – $8,000)/$8,000 X 100 = 61.5 X100= 6150% ROI

Translation = you are killing it.

However, it is important to point out it will take patience, persistent, and dedication to get to this point. Every top marketer will tell you the same.

The main point where people fall down is patience and the exposure of each digital marketing component. There are four keys to keep up for digital marketing funnels overall. These include exposure, time, consistency, and calls to action. Keep this in mind for every strategy you use.

1. Strategy

You want to have a digital marketing strategy that includes multiple channels. So you will want to set up your foundation in digital marketing funnels. This includes your social media channels across all platforms.

The primary goal is to reach as many people as possible with every channel. To accomplish this, you’ll want to make sure your SEO process, structure and strategy are set up for success internally.

Did you know that over 75% of people never go beyond the first page in search results on google? To start working on your rankings, you will want to learn about search engine optimization and how to work smart. 

Are you on at least 2 channels? Does your branding match? Are you consistent? Do you offer a click-through with a call to action on your website? Are you collecting e-mails regularly?

The initial goal of your digital marketing funnels is to inform, educate, and inspire people to take action. You want to offer value consistently that keeps people coming back. This may be blog posts, a podcast, and freebies with options. Ideally, you want all three.

You want to organically integrate social media to share and repurpose your posts. For example, share about a blog or podcast on your feed, stories, and lives on Instagram. 

These are the basics and will jump-start you on your way to triple your profits. This is where many businesses falter. The foundation is the core of your strategy. It is how people meet you online, keep coming back, and enter into deeper relationships. The longer people connect with you, and the deeper the relationship online and live, the higher the ROI and profits.

You want to track your reach across all your digital marketing funnels. This will include your users and sessions from the investments made. The initial immediate ROI in digital marketing is creating and capturing an audience. Don’t quit before you get started.

2. Structure

The flow of your digital marketing funnels needs to make sense in terms of relationship marketing. The flow needs to integrate with your technology as well. For example, a structure could be a weekly blog posts, a newsletter, sharing on social media, and ads.

However, if you have a structure that doesn’t lead seamlessly into opt-ins or calls to action, you will miss profits. As a result, be clear on what you are leading people to. Is it a download? An intro-offer? A sales-call? Or is it a demo?

You will also want to see how people are engaging with your digital marketing funnels. For example, for your newsletter, you will track opens, click-throughs and engagement with the call to action. In comparison, an ad is similar, you would also track reach, engagement, cost per click, and sales results.

3. Systems

You want your systems to support your strategy and structure in your digital marketing funnels. The whole goal is making money while you sleep, right? That’s why it is important to track the results of each platform you invest in to increase your reach and results for your content.

For example, if you have an ad on Facebook that connects to an intro offer, you want to test drive it before you go live. Make sure the ad links are correct, the website works, the freebie is e-mailed, and the call to action is included. You may also want to start off small in your investment test driving the platform, demographics, engagement, and results.

Digital marketing funnels are a long term game. However, that doesn’t mean they need to take a long time to setup and utilize. The slower you are to implement, test, learn, adjust, the slower your results will be. Hold yourself and your team accountable to take action and measure results.

Triple Your Profit With Digital Marketing Funnels

Your digital marketing funnels matter. The strategy, structure, systems are fundamental to set up to scale to triple your profits. At the same time, your patience and persistence are key.

It is important to implement, test, learn, adjust, and repeat as you go. The recommended is a website, social media, freebies, call to action, offers, ads via social media and/or influencer marketing. You want to review consistency, exposure, reach, engagement, conversions at each level. The more you align indicators and metrics that you are on the right track, the higher your profits will go.

Set your business up for success to triple your profit by connecting, creating, and cultivating a community at each level. Share, don’t sell. 

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