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What Does A Copywriter Do? And 5 Reasons You Should Care Now

55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. Why?

High-quality, well-written content can help drive conversions, increase revenue, and create long-lasting and loyal customers.

If you don’t have a content strategy that includes blog writing, then you’ll need to get started. The great news is that you can hire a copywriter to help you do so!

What does a copywriter do and how can they help your business? Here are five things you didn’t know you needed from a copywriter until now.

1. A Good Content Copywriter Knows About SEO

Did you know that your optimum keyword density is about 5%? Do you even know which keywords you should be targeting?

If your answer was no to both of those questions, then it’s definitely time you look into business copywriting services.

A good content writer will understand SEO and understand how to include trending keywords that will get you noticed and ranked on the first page.

2. Grammar Matters When It Comes to SEO

Sure, you might know your business better than anyone else around. However, you might not be the best at articulating that.

If you struggle to sit down and craft well-written blogs that have zero grammar mistakes while also being SEO-optimized, then it’s best to leave that task to someone else.

According to, poor grammar can result in a loss of credibility as well as a decrease in user experience and site ranking.

3. Persuasive Content Without Being Salesy

Again, because you know the most about your business, it’s sometimes hard to remain objective.

While you do want to publish persuasive content that asks the reader to do something, it’s also important that you avoid being too salesy.

Some business owners find this hard to do, as they find themselves wanting to convince others of their hard work.

A quality advertising copywriter will know how to write copy that is informative, persuasive, and engaging without making readers feel like they’re being “sold to.”

4. Writers Are Passionate About What They Do

And, that makes a big difference. Just as you’re passionate about your business, writers are passionate about creating engaging content.

This kind of passion truly shows when it comes to high-quality blogs and website content. As a business owner, if you hate writing, then that’s going to shine through as well.

Hiring someone for a copywriting job ensures that they’ll work to show off your business in an artful way while also infusing their passion into the project.

5. Business Owners Have Better Things to Do

If you’re a small business owner, then you definitely understand the struggle that is juggling all of your daily tasks.

Writing outstanding copy is a crucial part of maintaining a top-ranked website, and sometimes you simply don’t have time to sit down and crank out service page descriptions or SEO-optimized blogs.

Hiring a content copywriter is a great way to delegate this task to someone else who will put 100% of their time and effort into the job.

So, What Does a Copywriter Do?

To answer the question “what does a copywriter do?” They work to ensure that all of your company’s content is informative, accurate, and SEO-optimized.

They can also work with you during the content planning stages in order to create a well-planned strategy that will allow you to grow over time.

A good copywriter will know how to tailor their writing style and services to fit your needs.

If you’re ready to get started with a copywriter today or need other digital marketing services, contact us for a free consultation and we’ll see how we can help you grow your business and increase revenue.

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